Welcome back for another podcast America!  This podcast we we brought on Trevor Hall (@FF_Trev) from the Fantasy Authority (@FF_Authority) to help us go over the rookie rankings since the NFL Draft happened two weeks ago.  We talk the top 12 rookie rankings and some mid-late round picks that you should consider going into your rookie drafts.  Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @beamerica and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Podbean, and Stitcher!  


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2018 NFL Draft Podcast

April 26, 2018

Happy NFL Draft America! Our draft podcast is here!  We started from pick 1 and went to pick 20 and shit got crazy!  No way better to tell you than to listen!  Make sure to subscribe and listen all the time!  Check us out on Twitter and Instagram @beamerica1 Cheers!


2018 ATB NFL Mock Draft

April 14, 2018

America!!! Our 2018 NFL mock draft is now online!  Along with the whole ATB crew we brought some extra friends to help us with this mock, usual madness continues.  Make sure to subscribe on iTunes and Podbean and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @beamerica1 Cheers!!


2018 Season Debut

March 15, 2018

Welcome back America! We are beyond excited to be back for the 2018 season of the NFL!  Morgan, Shane and Josh do their best to cover as much as possible since our last podcast to get you guys caught up on what's happened since last December, riots and pandimonum ensue; standard procedure. Lots to come this season!  Make sure to subscribe on iTunes and Podbean!  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ beamerica1 Cheers!!!


ATB Fantasy Football Week 14

December 8, 2017

America!!! This episode of the podcast brings you our latest and greatest.... We know you are already set for the playoffs so why not kick this week off with our very own Award Winning Show!!!! From fantasy value to fantasy bust! Kick back this holiday season with another star studded event from AMERICA THE BEAUTIFULLLLLLLL


ATB Fantasy Football Week 13

December 1, 2017

HOLY GHOST PEPPERS, FOLKS!!!!! It's almost playoff time and we at America the Beautiful are wrapping up the fantasy season in all its glory! Analysis, coverage, beer, and a late night appearance that was one for the ages! Throw another log on the fire and kickback with your favorite brew because it's time for..... AMERICA THE BEAUTIFULLLLL


Week 11

November 16, 2017

Welcome to Week 11 of the NFL America! WTF happened this week?!?!?  The guys shotgunned some beers before the pod and the *#&@ hit the fan....someone played the Backstreet Boys.  Heart and farts they fade but fantasy football glory will always prevail!  Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @beamerica1.  Cheers!


Week 10

November 9, 2017

Week 10 is here America!  Gary (@GarsPoetica) and The Commish (@jhicks804) are here to give your teams some help for the beginning of the playoff push!  Beers are drank!  Bold predictions are made!  The greatest waiver wire segment in fantasy football land happens!  Get up Offa that Thang!  Follow us on Twitter and Istagram @beamerica1 and make sure to subscribe on iTunes and Podbean.  Cheers America!


Week 9 The Almighty!!!!!

November 3, 2017

Fellow Americans!!!! The time has come! The NFL trades have mixed up and shaken the season! Throw in a crucial bye week and you have a hell of a waiver pool to choose from in some new up incoming NFL faces.... So set aside your favorite six pack and indulge in our very own mix and match segement as we bring to you.... AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


ATB Fantasy Football Week 8

October 27, 2017

We are back America!!!! This week we break down each individual game as we are midway through the season... Discussing players that are either trending up or down and those up incoming to stash away for your potential fantasy playoffs to come! We've been accompanied by a huge cast featuring Lion Tank, Dynasty Daynon, Joe 'For What It's' Wirth, Sexay Bearded Marty, and....... Greg! Welcome back to America the Beautiful!!!!!!!!