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Week 2

September 14, 2017

Welcome back America!!! Week 1 of the NFL was completely CRAZY!! We're here to recap all of the madness and get your roster's right for Week 2.  Brad (@bgardn3r) and the Commish (@jhicks804) give you their love, hate, and bring back the most exciting waiver wire segment in all of fantasy football podcast land, GET UP OFF OF THAT THANG!  Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @beamerica1 Cheers!


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Week 1

September 8, 2017

HELLOOOOO AMERICA!!!!  Welcome to the Week 1 fantasy football podcast for America the Beautiful!  The crew saddles back up for another amazing season of fantasy football and partying.  Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @beamerica1 Cheers!!!


Too Many Party Favors…..

August 18, 2017

Welcome back America!  For this pod we recap our FLOOG (Fantasy League of Ordinary Gentlemen) festival, and played our newest game Shane created called Great Fantasy Minds.  We also threw our some bold predictions for the upcoming NFL season and continued the hype train for our draft @ The Beach House in Innsbrook this Saturday, August 19th @ 5pm.  Cheers!!


The Preseason Begins!

August 10, 2017

America!!! The preseason is here! Let all of the crazy speculation begin!  For this pod the commish (@JHicks804) and Gars (@Garspoetica) hold down the fort for the rest of the guys to talk the return of the most meh.... QB of all time Jay Culter!  We also dive into the return of the Martavius Bryant for the Steelers and what that means for the supporting cast along with a look at PFF's top and bottom 10 secondaries and how it could change how you draft your wide receivers.  Make sure to subscribe to us on Twitter and Instagram @beamerica1 and follow on iTunes!  Cheers!  


The Return of 32 in 32

July 14, 2017

AMERICA!!!  Welcome back to another ATB fantasy football podcast!  This episode we bring back one of our old favorite segments 32 in 32 where we discuss all 32 teams in 32 minutes(ish).  We also recap the dynasty start up draft we did earlier this summer and talk a little Scott Fish Bowl #SFB7.  Make sure you guys are subscribing to us on iTunes and following us on Twitter and Instagram @beamerica1, cheers!


Season Premiere 2017

May 27, 2017

America We Are Back with a season premiere of AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL!!! Join us as we discuss the values of each rookie position and other recent game changers for standard and dynasty leagues alike!!! So crack open them craft beers and wave that red, white, and blue with AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


ATB Fantasy Football Week 14 Season Finale

December 9, 2016

Que the music... Shine the lights... Drop the confetti babyyyyyyy!!!! It's the season finale of America the Beautiful!!! We kick off by introducing a show stealin', gun wheelin', ah Ginga Bread Stout dealin' SOB by the name of Rob C, who stakes his claim here on our very own podcast!!! Also, in the mix, we have those key injuries that could factor into your roster lineups heading into the playoffs. Shuffle in some 'Get Up Off That Thing' 'Turn Back Time' and 'Looooooove/Hate'.... And you've got AMERICA THE BEAUTIFULLLLLL


Week 13

December 2, 2016

WELCOME BACK MY FELLOW AMERICANS!!!! Week 13 is here and it's time to get your team into the playoffs!  The commish (@jhicks804) and Shane (@mydinsomep) hold down the fort while enjoying some great beers and giving all the advice we possibly can to help you guys out!  We even scraped the bottom of the barrel the best we could to give you some boom or bust players that you probably haven't played all season long just in case you need that extra playoff push.  As always please go on iTunes, rate and review this pod (5 stars please!) and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @beamerica1.  Cheers!!!


Week 11 America the Beautiful

November 18, 2016

Heyyyyy all you sexay freaks out there!!! Here lies your very own Week 11 Podcast of A.T.B. We welcome back the commish, who in turn, welcomes us, to a very new segment called "If I could Turn Back Time." Also, with key players hitting the bye week, and the regular season clearly hitting the rearview, we provide the necessary moves to help solidify your roster. So what are YOU drinking??? The Ginger Bread Stout?? Pumpkin Ales?? Nattie Bo?? Finlandia????? Be sure to let us know on Twitter @BeAmerica1...


Week 10 L’America

November 11, 2016

Welcome to the Week 10 podcast of America the Beautiful! With the absence of the Commish and Brad, your remaining three amigos round up the latest and greatest news of Fantasy Football! A delicious rendition with plenty analysis, stats, and Morg downing a 15.9 percentile bottle of fine wine..... We bring you America the Beautifulllllll