Que the music... Shine the lights... Drop the confetti babyyyyyyy!!!! It's the season finale of America the Beautiful!!! We kick off by introducing a show stealin', gun wheelin', ah Ginga Bread Stout dealin' SOB by the name of Rob C, who stakes his claim here on our very own podcast!!! Also, in the mix, we have those key injuries that could factor into your roster lineups heading into the playoffs. Shuffle in some 'Get Up Off That Thing' 'Turn Back Time' and 'Looooooove/Hate'.... And you've got AMERICA THE BEAUTIFULLLLLL


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Week 13

December 2, 2016

WELCOME BACK MY FELLOW AMERICANS!!!! Week 13 is here and it's time to get your team into the playoffs!  The commish (@jhicks804) and Shane (@mydinsomep) hold down the fort while enjoying some great beers and giving all the advice we possibly can to help you guys out!  We even scraped the bottom of the barrel the best we could to give you some boom or bust players that you probably haven't played all season long just in case you need that extra playoff push.  As always please go on iTunes, rate and review this pod (5 stars please!) and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @beamerica1.  Cheers!!!


Week 11 America the Beautiful

November 18, 2016

Heyyyyy all you sexay freaks out there!!! Here lies your very own Week 11 Podcast of A.T.B. We welcome back the commish, who in turn, welcomes us, to a very new segment called "If I could Turn Back Time." Also, with key players hitting the bye week, and the regular season clearly hitting the rearview, we provide the necessary moves to help solidify your roster. So what are YOU drinking??? The Ginger Bread Stout?? Pumpkin Ales?? Nattie Bo?? Finlandia????? Be sure to let us know on Twitter @BeAmerica1...


Week 10 L’America

November 11, 2016

Welcome to the Week 10 podcast of America the Beautiful! With the absence of the Commish and Brad, your remaining three amigos round up the latest and greatest news of Fantasy Football! A delicious rendition with plenty analysis, stats, and Morg downing a 15.9 percentile bottle of fine wine..... We bring you America the Beautifulllllll


Week 9 The Almighty HOOPAH???

November 4, 2016

And so it begins.... A Week 9 Phenomenon... With 6 teams reaching a bye, it's time to shake it up with some GUOTT... With plenty of streaming options for each team, you're sure to choose one that'll replace that empty roster. And as if shaking it more than once ain't enough, Morg lays some Reality TV knowledge for Bradley's new gig and Shane strokes his libido for, YESSSSS, a new TE!! Also featuring the presence of one Marty 'The Snake Wrangler' Smith, we bring you America the Beautifulllllll


Week 8

October 28, 2016

Welcome back America!!!  Let's go ahead and get down to the hottest question in fantasy football land, who got waxed?!?!?!  Go ahead and listen to this one hell of a podcast and find out!  We had a small army of fantasy football contributors for this pod so things went a little long, but no worries America we kept the party going all night!  In our rundown of all the upcoming games this week we dropped stats, gave you players we loved and hated, and players you need to go ahead and GET UP OFFA THAT THANG! (our waiver wire segment).  Make sure you're subscribing to this on iTunes or Podbean and make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @beamerica1.  Cheers!!!


Week 7 Hair of the Dog

October 21, 2016

This episode of America the Beautiful is here to cure your Fantasy Hangover! Much debauchery has arisen this season due to injuries, lack of production from key players, and the steady downfall from some of the most prominent teams... But whither no more my babies, we have the antidote to restore YOUR team's roster! And finally, we have reached the week of impending doom for two of our very own ATB members! Yes! The bet! The bet of all ages! Where one man stands victorious, the other hairless in defeat.....


Week 6 American Bam Bam

October 13, 2016

Get it while its hottt! Your boys lay down some monster stats on a new segment of you can get wit dis or you can get wit dat... Followed by a whole lotta love for this weeks line ups and Draft Kings! Is Kaep's start really on the rise in San Fran??? Does Zeke seem more favorable than David Johnson??? Plenty of this and more on AMERICA THE BEAUTIFULLLLLLL


Week 5 Bang Bang

October 7, 2016

Another perfectly crafted rendition from your boys at America the Beautiful!!!!!!


Week 4

September 30, 2016

AMERICA!!!!!! Week 4 is coming in hot and who are the fantasy studs to get you ready for this barn burner of week?!?! America the Beautiful of course!!!  Along with giving our usual, hate, and waiver wire pick (GET UP OFFA' THAT THANG!) the bet of the century was made between Gary and Shane about when they play each other Week 7 in the American Championship.  You gotta listen to find out!  Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @beamerica1 people!  Cheers!